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This book is a collection of poems that follows the course of falling in love, letting go and moving on. In the course of falling in love, letting go, losing hope, moving on and pursuing happiness, sighs and weeps is here for comfort. Cheers to everyone who remained strong even in their worst days. The other side of love may be melancholic, yet it allows us to see a hidden beauty of life. To you, thank you for letting me see this side of love.
Getting used to someone�s presence is dangerous, it is like seeing yourself falling in a cliff where you cannot help but to just accept the fact that one day, everything will end. Beyond the prismatic colors of life, hides a dull labyrinth that is hard to escape.
It was written for those with shattered hearts, for those who are learning the other side of love, for those who are trying to escape the dark reality of love and for people who wants to move on and enjoy the solitude that life has to offer. 
When no one is willing to stay by your side, I hope this book helps in mending your heart. I hope this book finds you when no one else does. I hope this book finds you, in this world full of betrayal and misery. I hope that whoever reads it can find peace in their hearts.
When the heart gets shattered, can words heal it? Let us try to find out.

Sighs and Weeps

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