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We are compelled to remember it.
An eternal vortex trapping, throwing you randomly and relentlessly on parts you want to correct even if you are well-aware that you will never be able to�sometimes, you need to remember that when you do something wrong, you should not redeem the things that could be lost in the middle of spiraling. That might be the only way you can keep yourself from repeating similar mistakes again.
Sometimes, you'd want to go after it. But you also know that nothing will ever change if you try to catch and bite your own tail.
This is spirals, a collection of thirty-six narratives that are parallel to the ones you would want to get back to. In it, you can only see memories pass by your eyes with no chance of compromise.
In it, you have no other escape from shackled histories but down.


SKU: 9789357873062
  • Justine Paul Ramos
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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