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"“Tales from Sri Lanka and India,” are two unique stories that portray the fragility and vulnerability of human beings.
“The Monk,” is the story of a six-year-old boy from a village in Sri Lanka, who is sent away to lead the life of a monk. After 25 years, one day a visitor arrives at the monastery and that changes the destiny of the monk. He makes a plan to escape. Does he succeed? Who is the visitor? What was the plan? 

“A Mussoorie Tale,” portrays the friendship between two school girls, Pia and Shazia. Both the girls are from an elite school in Mussoorie, despite their differing backgrounds. Shazia’s family is conventional and belongs to the Balti community, originally of Tibetan descent, whose ancestors made India their home after the 1947 partition. Pia is from a broken home. She is raised by her mother. The friendship between the two girls, suddenly turns into something more intense. Shazia flees from home to save herself from the wrath of her conservative family. Pia is shocked. What does Pia find out about Shazia’s mysterious disappearance? 

Tales from Sri Lanka and India

  • Revathi Raj Iyer

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