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A woman full of dreams and dignity in life, that�s Stella Labrador. Stella grew strong together with her sister Lilly. Not until everything change. Changed the course of her life. Many changes and challenges that blocks their way not until a two man came to her life without a permission.
Jack Enriquez a boy accidentally fall to the girl, stella. And Miguel Santos a boy who already admires a girl who would be probably, stella. Together with their undeniable journey as they both enter to stella�s heart. As far as they could fight that very complicated situation that will lead their way to a miserably unknown.
Will be everything change forever or will their story will just end with the word goodbye?

The day I cried when you said goodbye

SKU: 9789354902888
  • Arby P. Gorembalem
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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