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This book is about the frightening Christian growth in the people?s Republic of China. To control this, the Chinese government introduces New religion controlling laws however, as the move fails, government authorities begin to burn down churches, arrest church leaders and kill hundreds of Christians. Fleeing the Chinese government oppression, some Christians run into other countries of the world to hide. Then twenty seven years later, one Chinese young man by the name of Yuhn Wan rises out of hiding from the mountain kingdom of Lesotho Southern Africa. His main mission is not to avenge the death of his parents that were killed when he was young but to preach love and forgiveness in the world. His work is to touch the hearts of the broken Chinese Christians and also that of Chinese government cabinet and influence them into changing the religion laws that are set against Christians. Though Christian persecution is still strong Yunh manages to secretly begin his mission through the use of Kung Fu clubs; working under close direction and supervision of God?s angel. He then marries a beautiful Muslim lady by the name of Aliyah Mohammad. Due to the love and passion she has for Jesus Christ and the fact that she works as the private secretary to the vice President of China; Aliyah manages to facilitate a workshop in which Yuhn teaches the Chinese government cabinet members about love and forgiveness. However, the workshop does not yield immediate results and a year later, Chinese government decides to remove all religion laws that were put against Christians and also release all Christians from prison. To the surprise of the world, China becomes the torch bearer of love and forgiveness missions in all war affected countries.

The Dreamer

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