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The forest dwellers is a fictional story based on paranormal tales which were handed down from generations to generations by words of mouth particularly in far-flung communities in the provinces. It narrates about the paranormal experience of mother and son in a far away village in the hometown of Maria. The characters in the story, in their bereavement from the loss of their loved one, decided to move out with the hope of leaving the sad memories behind and live anew in that village. The place was generally peaceful. The local folks were hospitable and kindhearted, thus Maria and Ricky easily got along with their new neighbors and environment in a short period of time. But the quiet and peaceful life the two enjoyed was interrupted by an unforeseen event which involved the twelve year-old boy. It was then unexpected visitors from the forest started disturbing their sleep.

The Forest Dwellers

SKU: 9789355978707
  • Ruel Balquin Gracela
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