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'The Nineteenth Departure: Nostalgic Art of Letters' is a series of entries filled with nostalgic letters, departure letters for the past and a reminder on the future. Each page is coated with realizations in life, buckets of tear because of happiness, mixed emotions and glasses of hope and passion. Every single word commemorates of the past, beautiful and sad, lively and gloomy, ugly and pretty memories.  This book talks about life in youth being filled with uncertainties and thread of unanswered questions and overthinking thoughts for the future which will be uncovered as time flies by later.  Making deals with life is not that easy. Living and going on a rocky path of journey is one of the most challenging type that each of us encounters. Reality is a wide, messy road. We all have to feel and cope up on our own with every challenge we will face in life and adjust into new places filled with obstacles in different disguises. Our weapon to fight the battle is through subduing our doubts with confidence, will, and endurance.

The Nineteenth Departure

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