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The poems in The Notepad Poems simply signify poems which are written in a notepad, although not necessarily in a physical notepad, because they are written in a mobile notepad app. The whimsical nature of the poems is due to the way in which they are written, for a mobile phone is a very handy gadget which can be carried wherever one goes, so a person can write in it whenever inspiration comes. Because of the endless scroll-like and narrow page of the notepad app, the poems of The Notepad Poems are longer which spans to more than five pages, with one among them surpassing thirty pages. Their length is not the only insistent element of structure they have, but also the width of the lines, which are shorter and only fill the half side of the page.
The Notepad Poems is a poetry inclining towards the genre of avant garde, dada or surrealism. All of the poems (except Fragments Of August, a love poem, and An End & A Beginning, a narrative poem) are written in the same vein as if they have been uttered in drunkenness. When reading these poems, the reader is given an image to visualize and then another image appears abruptly when the thought describing the first image ends, just like in our dreams, the images that we see are disjointed and fragmented without any relevant connection with each other. So the poems are like moving pictures in chaos.

The Notepad Poems

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