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We spend every passing day yearning for our moment, waiting for our turn. We
cheer on others when they shine their brightest. We pace back and forth as we
anxiously anticipate our breakthrough to arrive, but only to find out that the path
is not straight; there are bumps and diversions that can only be rectified by time.
This is a collection of poems about the wait, the hurt, and eventually, the alignment
of our fates. The game of life is all about patience and hope. These poems are
for all of us who have spent sleepless nights and lived mundane routine days -
knowing that when the clock is finally in our favor, everything will finally make
There is a time for waiting. There is a time for hurting. But after every detours and
delays, destiny persists and everything will align.
All we have to do is wait.

The Rhymes of Times

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  • Margaret Llorico
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