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Aditya, an IAS aspirant, psychology enthusiast, and election strategist, had so many breakups that he believed love isn't in his destiny.  So does Preeti, who hates patriarchy, works for women empowerment, and aspires to be a politician someday. All three were big Nos for girls in the society she lives,  They come together for the University Polls that Preeti wins with Aditya's clever strategies.  Love blossoms as Preeti aspired for a bigger role in state politics with Aditya's help.   Her dream crashes'   And Aditya fails in the IAS mains exam..  Hurt by their losses and driven by their passion, they part ways, Until they get a second chance at their relationship'  Don't fail to have a glass of water by your side, While I present you a spicy Indian curry of murky politics amidst a hopeful Romance.

The Strategist

SKU: SP11001
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  • Paperback

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