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In a Lagos shadow of its past, Wole tells the story of how he ends up in a psychiatric hospital. His tale begins in a low-budget apartment with his best friend working a low-paying job at a struggling publication. On the surface, he is like every other young adult with dysfunctional parents in this harsh city and tries to navigate it with heartbreak, love, and chaos. Everything turns into a disturbing reality when he starts noticing that he is being followed by a man of questionable character and falling in love with a girl (Morenike) that reminds him and helps him forget about an ex with whom he has a toxic past. But when Morenike asks that they stop their relationship because of the distance between them which is caused by her studying in the ancient city of Ibadan. Wole sets out on a journey to change her mind, which leads into an alternate reality, where Morenike is dead and is the same person as his ex.    There is nothing romantic about death, is a haunting tale about the intoxication of love and its many worlds.

There Is Nothing Romantic About Death

SKU: MAY03004
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  • Paperback

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