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Cry, so you shall smile. Weep, so that your sadness will take a sleep. 
Everyone yearns for gold.
        But for gilded tears? I doubt it.
        Every human cries and all of us shed tears, may it be a drop or an ocean.        Though treacherous in times of pretend happiness, we can't deny how they made us feel alive in our hurt, light in our burden, and fortunate in our joy. Though they make our heads ache, our eyes bulging out, and our breaths short and forced, we cannot deny how no one else consoled us the way tears did.
        So don�t be ashamed of crying alone or crying in front of everyone. After all, crying is not a sign of weakness�it�s an emblem of being strong.
        These Gilded Tears is a collection of poetry and prose by Vittoria Winters and Charles Yspania that highlights the notion that every tear is a gold worth crying for.

These Gilded Tears

SKU: 9789356453265
  • Vittoria Winters and Charles Yspania
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