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?Your body is strong enough to house me until I have my revenge!?   ***  Dawn Daniels recently turned eighteen and decided on running away from her demons. So she moved from her hometown, St. Davids Pembrokeshire, in the UK to London where her older adopted sister resides. But life for her hasn?t been the same since her arrival. She faces more demons which she has never encountered in her hometown.  Gabriel wants nothing but to be free from the daily disturbances from demons/ghosts. They know he?s their only shot at having peace, and they flock to him; each with their intentions. However, what if Gabriel has to find peace for a certain hybrid.  ***  Gabriel Benjamin Knight?s mother made a deal with the devil to conceive a child, who later died in childbirth. Eight years later he is now a world-famous award-winning paranormal author curse to live as a medium.  What happens when both parties cross paths...?  Would he turn a blind eye or head in to save the day...?  Would a heart-string romance brew between them in the journey...?

Till Death Do Us Part

SKU: JN02004
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  • Paperback

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