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Trail of Blood—I Fall Down a Lot documented the author’s courtship story with then Fiancé Sir Bugs or Adonis Celaje Ampongan.  They had been in a Long Distance Relationship from May 2, 2021 to January 29, 2022.  In this book, you can rekindle their love story together as she fights the voices, she sought to train her mind to sing Baptist Hymnals (for it soothes her weary soul) and read the word of God.  The first chapter was on the spot, written on the dates provided, actual poems birthed or sowed during the said days. Let the author warm your heart with by opening the gateway to the poetic and metaphorical. This book is for the hopeless romantics.
Adonis Celaje Ampongan, the Author’s fiancé is an acquaintance of hers 18 years back, they knew each other since 2003 but separated in 2006.  They have not seen each other from 2006-2021 however, when they reconnected in May 2, 2021, theirs was a whirlwind romance which had in it the virtual proposal and a plan to get married.
The author happily documented her heart from May 2, 2021 and has written several poems on the spot or the dates provided that these poems were written during their courtship.  The book is a raw, honest, intimate and complete testament of how two lovers documented a courtship and how the courtship progressed. 

Trail of Blood I Fall Down a Lot

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