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Fievel Cacher returns to her hometown when her adoptive mother dies. She thinks she?s going home to bury the old bat until she learns different. She arrives in her hometown to find nothing is as it seems. Everything has changed since she last saw it aside from the spitting image of all everything in town. She has yet to fully trust her gut instincts and might never. She finds her siblings: Barry and Sophia Cacher have returned. She had never been in the family attic due to all the horror stories their mother would tell. She along with her big sister come across some questionable objects in the attic that appear to be associated with witchcraft. Of all things, neither of the sisters think they came from witchcraft. Alas, one is a witch while the other isn?t. Fievel begins to unravel her true origins in a slow manner. As she learns of her origins along with Barry and Sophia? she?ll uncover three Kingdoms. One that has become extinct whereas the other two still exist. The world is in shambles while the race to uncover a frozen kingdom to warm up becomes a slight priority. It doesn?t help when someone of the Cacher family helped oversee the destruction of the world.


SKU: JL01010
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  • Paperback

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